Mercedes CLS-Class

Premium Surround Sound in CLS and CLS Shooting Brake

The high-performance Harman Kardon® sound system meets the highest demands for a listening experience in any seat, rich in detail in the four-door luxury coupe Mercedes-Benz® CLS and in the five-door sports wagon Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake. Both models have brought new market segments to the luxury class. With their extraordinary creativity in concept and design, Harman Kardon impressively demonstrates its innovative force as a system partner.

The heart of the customized audio system in both models is the 610-watt powered high-end DSP amplifier with Logic7® surround audio processing. In addition to the multiple channel main amplifier with 450 watts, there is a 160-watt booster that drives the 200-mm dual voice coil subwoofer.

Carefully coordinated high-tech components
The Harman Kardon acoustic experts have equipped the CLS and CLS Shooting Brake with 14 high-performance loudspeakers. Together with the powerful main amplifier, they provide room-filling dynamics and substantial power reserves in the reproduction demanding instruments and impulses.

The faithfully reproduced three-dimensional sound is based on the innovative, discrete
Logic 7 technology of Harman Kardon. Only with that can stereo and 5.1¹ surround recordings reveal their full potential in cars. The surround information is read by audio storage media and distributed via the system architecture of the luxury class models just as optimally as in the original. The sound source moves away from the original loudspeakers, thereby providing passengers in each seat with the impression of being in a much larger space with an extensive sound stage.

The digital DTCP encoding technology is also decisive for the outstanding sound. The loss-free, copy-protected signal transmission enables the digital transport of high-resolution sound formats along the path from the audio storage medium to amplifier. To put it another way: The technology does away with the conversion of digital to analog signals. As a result, sound recordings in the formats DVD-Audio¹, DVD-Video² and DTS®-CD are transferred into the digital standards MLP, MLP 5.1, DTS 5.1, Dolby® Digital 5.1 and PCM without loss of quality.

In addition to the centrally positioned 80 mm ALumaprene™ center loudspeaker in the instrument panel, two 43-mm tweeters each are positioned in the mirror triangle. The front doors each have an 80-mm ALumaprene mid-frequency loudspeaker and a 165-mm ALumaprene subwoofer. The Harman Kardon acoustic engineers selected a 43-mm tweeter and a 165-mm ALumaprene bass-midrange speaker for the back doors.

The sound architecture is arranged differently behind the rear seats: In the CLS, two 80-mm ALumaprene surround loudspeakers and a powerful 200-mm dual voice coil subwoofer are on the rear window shelf. They contribute to precise dynamics and the excellent sound.

In the CLS Shooting Brake, the Harman Kardon acoustic specialists positioned the two 80-mm ALumaprene surround loudspeakers in the D-pillars. This arrangement enables a balanced and room-filling sound for the rear seats. The 200-mm double voice-coil subwoofer in the CLS Shooting Brake is under the load surface of the trunk.

The trunk floor is braced in the CLS in the area under the subwoofer by a sheet steel frame, so as to take optimum advantage of the high dynamic power of the bass loudspeaker. The subwoofer is in an enclosed bass box in the CLS Shooting Brake. These two measures respectively prevent undesired vibrations and increase the dynamics of the woofer.

¹ In conjunction with Audio 50 and COMAND system
² In conjunction with the COMAND system only